Payment Confirmation

Please complete your purchase within 48 hours after your order is confirmed.You will be contacted by our team if you haven't complete your purchase within 48 hours to confirm if you would like to cancel or still need more time to make your payment. Order confirmation will be sent automatically to your email after you've checked-out your order.  

Your new wardrobe supply will be shipped in 1 day after you send us your order confirmation by simply reply your Order Confirmation email with a screenshot or picture of your receipt (e-mail: or our official LINE: @withlovethebrand, or Whatsapp: +6281343055144. PRE-ORDER items will be ready according to the stated date on the website. 
Your payment confirmation will be proceed in 24 hours. You may checkout your payment and shipment status by logging in to our website.
If you have made an order via chat, please ignore the payment confirmation receipt and just confirm your order and contact information to us via chat. If you have made payment via MIDTRANS (Credit Card/Gopay) and received an Order Confirmation email, that means we have received your payment and you can just sit back, relax and wait for your shipment confirmation. If you have an URGENT order please do let us know in prior.