Sizing guide

The size guide serves as a general guideline to help you find your size at With Love The brand. 
Size guide is your normal body measurement (not too tight and not too loose) and not the clothes measurement. Exact measurements vary with each style depending on the design but if your normal body measurement fit our sizing chart's category you will mostly fit our clothes.
How to read our Sizing Chart
What is your:
Or your:
UK size:
US size:
See what number fits you the most on which category. Don't worry! Not everyone falls into the perfect category, some might have S size bust and M size waist. If you find this problem, look at the clothes that you are interested in and see which area is the most fitted and choose the size based on the most fitted area.
For example:
Your size is:
Bust: 84 (s)
Waist: 72 (m)
Hip: 98 (in between s-m)
The dress that you're interested in is fitted at the waist area. So, choose your size based on your waist measurement, which is size M. 
**This size is just a guideline for you to choose your clothes. All choices will eventually lead back to customer's personal choice/body type to wear it tighter or looser. 


What is XS-S and M-L?
Some of our clothes fit from size XS to S or size M to L. That means it will usually have an elasticated feature that can expand to fit your body size or the clothes are loosely fitted. 
Still confused on what to buy?
If you are still unsure about your size, you can always make a purchase and try it at home!
Even better, you can get a free-shipping if you spend more than 1mill on our website!
Do take a look at our return and exchange policy:
Please take a look at the silhouette of our garments closely. What you see on our model is the actual garment. We do some minor alterations to improve the garment's quality and wearability from the sample at the photoshoot to the actual garment but the overall silhouette and size are maintained. Do bear in mind before you make a purchase that some of our clothes are meant to be extravagant and oversized or very body fitted and sexy. ;)