WITH LOVE THE BRAND do provide GOJEK Same Day Service on our website as one of the delivery options with FLAT RATE fee for Jakarta and surrounding area.

Jakarta, Tangerang, Bekasi, Depok: Rp. 40.000,00

To ship your address using Gosend SAMEDAY, make sure that your phone is always ON and there is always someone (security, receptionist, maid) who is available at your place at all time—to receive your package—as we do not know the exact time that the driver will arrive at your place.


GOSEND Same Day Service is a multi pickup and multi delivery service provided by GOJEK. Unlike GOSEND Instant, a service that will deliver your package right away after you make an order, GOSEND Same Day's courier will pick up packages at multiple locations first, and then deliver it to multiple destination all in one day.

An estimated delivery time for GOSEND Same Day service is between 6-8 hours or more (depending on the situation). Gojek driver will send the package according to the order that has been determined by GOJEK's system. Therefore, requesting a certain order to be prioritize is not possible. If the driver is unable to deliver the package by that day, the package will be sent again on the next day.

For urgent delivery, we do recommend notifying us via Whatsapp/LINE@/Email. GOSEND Same Day can only be ordered up to 2.30 p.m. WIB. Orders after this hour will be sent the next day.

The most effective time to order with GOSEND Same Day is before 12.00 WIB, due to the points mentioned above.


We also provide GOSEND INSTANT service. But for this service, you need to contact us through WhatsApp/LINE@/Email as we need to confirm the rate for your location and our availability.
GOSEND INSTANT starts from IDR 35.000,00.

You should note that for ANY GOSEND's shipment, there will always be a risk of not getting a driver/rejected/etc. Should this delivery problem occurs, we will try it again the next day.